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“Working with Bobbie LaPorte has been a wonderful experience. Bobbie’s guidance and feedback has been vital in my successes obtaining grants for projects I’ve been working on, getting into grad school, and eventually, finding the perfect job.”

— Kristen Bouley ‘06


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Get Ready For The "Real World"!

You’ve invested thousands of dollars for your coveted diploma, and some major questions are staring you in the face:

To help you get ready for the real world, RAL & Associates offers exclusive services for students and recent graduates:

Why not kick-off your career with a job you'll really love!

Ten Tips For A Successful Job Search :

Get your education, experience & credentials together for your resume

Outline your experience in terms of your accomplishments

Get advice and support from friends, family and advisors

Recognize that networking is a win-win activity

Arrange for your references early on

Don’t underestimate who you know

Use every opportunity to sell yourself

Always keep your balance

Treat everyone you meet during your search with respect

Enjoy the process!